Symposium theme

At a time when sustainability plays a key role in the way different disciplines approach development and production, the role of digital technology is crucial, as through smart and efficient techniques, it can lead to the creative design, analysis, evaluation and fabrication of solutions that are ecologically and economically viable and socially accessible. On the other hand, recent developments in the socio-economic context have caused changes and redevelopments in Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean region, which have a direct impact and affect the overall reflection on how new technologies, currently in open source and with a widely accessible status, contribute to a better and more sustainable future, without running isolated or far beyond today’s reality.

The theme of the symposium has been shaped in the light of this concern; that is how computational processes in design and production can have a direct impact on shaping the built environment in such a way that it will achieve and offer conditions of social inclusion and economic viability with less environmental impact. Within this framework, such strategies might lie within a regional context, associated with local conditions (social, economic, environmental, etc.) that influence design and fabrication decision-making, without neglecting their influence within a universal context.